Green Valley Almería is based at the heart of Spain’s Sea of Plastic. This sea is made out of more than 30 000 hectares of greenhouses. There, most vegetables on the market are grown. However, the greenhouses’ net has managed to develop with respect to Almería’s ecosystem. The province has above 250 000 hectares of protected natural area that is taken care of and respected.

Moreover, the technology of Almería’s greenhouses is improving everyday. The water efficiency, the growing techniques aimed at sustainability, the quality of products and its exporting projection, have made this province become the worldwide model for modern agriculture and environmental responsibility.

The endless spring season of Almería allows vegetables of all kinds to be grown naturally and during the whole year. While in the rest of the continent artificial heating systems are needed in order to grow vegetables, Almeria’s farmers can grow them in an efficient way, contributing to sustainable farming.

Green Valley Almería is committed with the environment and does not use traditional plastic packages or containers, as these have an extreme ecological impact. Instead, we use new plastic materials that have more sustainable features. Moreover, during the last few years, we have made a huge commitment to the distribution of products in bulk. This way, we contribute to create an environment with less waste. As fruits and vegetables have their own natural packaging, in Green Valley we take action.